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Dawn River

From Father Andrew, the new Vicar Genral

Dear friends and visitors to our Website,

I am happy to join you in cyberspace.

Well, it has been quiet a busy time for me after my wonderful experience in Canada. I was happy to return to kiunga to continue my mission. Having undergone a process of formation at IFHIM, I was ready for any responsibility in the diocese. I was first appointed as Parish Priest of St. Gerard and later as Vicar General assisting Bishop Gilles in the Diocese. As the new Vicar General, I am trying to be helpful as much as possible to Bishop Gilles Cote. He is slowly introducing me to some of the things he does as a bishop. I try to listen to him and help share some of his responsibilities. I can feel how busy the Bishop is always with all the things he does. It is certainly a big and challenging responsibility.

At the parish level, I am quite busy in my pastoral ministry. Besides doing my mission here in town, I also make an effort to visit all the 15 outstations. Most of these stations are reachable only by speed boat. They are both local people and the West Papuan Refugee people who live along the Fly River banks. For the Refugee people, one challenge for me now is to learn Bahasa Indonesia so I can communicate well with them. I am making some effort to do that. It is always meaningful and interesting to visit these people. I find time to be one in their struggles and aspirations by spending time and listening to them.

In town I spent time to plan and program our activities with the parish pastoral team and all the leaders and collaborators. I find it helpful always to work with the leaders. We have a lot of committed leaders who participate in the life and mission of the parish.

Although I see a lot of challenges as parish priest, I also see a lot of change and growth in the lives of our people. There are so many good and committed people who are helping to build and experience a church of communion. There is a lot of participation and commitment of people at all levels. I feel this is so because of our Diocesan Renewal Program. Since we have accepted this program, it has slowly imbued into the minds of people what is means to build a local Melanesian church. The people feel that they are Church through their participation and active development. The process is slow but many little steps a taken to achieve this vision.

This is my vision as a local priest too. My dream and wish is that the people take full ownership of the church; to understand, build and experience Church of Communion. To build a Church where many of our traditional values and elements are integrated so faith becomes more meaningful and alive. This is what I want to encourage and facilitate while I am parish priest at St.Gerard.

Father Andrew Moses.

My dream and wish is that the people take full ownership of the church; to understand, build and experience Church of Communion.

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