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Diocesan Services

Level 3 - Diocesan Services

By December 2020, we, the Agents, Coordinators and Collaborators of the Pastoral Services in Daru-Kiunga Diocese, in partnership with other organizations, have discovered the demands of faith and allowed the life and teachings of Jesus to touch our hearts. We have reached out to all the people and helped them to transform their relationships with God, people and the world around them. This has led us to witness to our faith AS DISCIPLES OF JESUS. We have worked to achieve this through the planned activities and programs at parish and diocesan levels, particularly the strengthening of the Small Christian Communities and the response to the many social issues affecting the people.

Rationale (Reasons)


We have a lot of Diocesan Services. Through them we reach out to our people and evangelize them. A lot of people are benefiting from these services. Many persons responsible for the Diocesan Services and their collaborators are very committed in their service. Most of those working in the Diocesan Services make efforts to find funding to run their programs. Efforts are made to build up the capacity of those responsible for the Diocesan Services. The people in the Diocesan Services are promoting and living the Word of God through their services. We have donors who are very interested in our programs and supportive. But the lack of transport infrastructures and the difficulty of the landscape make it difficult to deliver the services to the people. Some Parish Teams lack capacity to follow up on the programs offered at Diocesan Level.


There is dialogue and coordinated efforts between the Diocesan Services and the Parish Teams to ensure the programs offered by the Diocesan Services reach out to the people. The Diocesan Services enrich all the people in the diocese, inclusive of those living in the remote villages. The Diocesan Staff are equipped with knowledge and skills that enable them to offer quality service to the people and at the same time evangelize people so that they are able to live and follow the way of Jesus.

  • From the lack of funding to offer the services to strive to become more self-reliant.
  • From the lack of coordination and collaboration between Parish Teams and Diocesan Services to working and dialoguing together for quality service of evangelization and human development.
  • From always following the same ways of offering services to being creative and finding new ways to make it more life-giving.
  • From only being present at people’s gatherings to making use of these specific moments in their lives to evangelize.