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Structures (Procedures)

Level 5 - Structures (Procedures)

By December 2020, we, the people of Daru-Kiunga Diocese have worked hard to understand better the procedures/structures of proposal-making, decision-making and implementation. We have made them function well in the spirit of co-responsibility as disciples of Jesus. Our structures have become the means to discover the demands of faith and allow the life and teachings of Jesus to touch our hearts. We have continued to improve and strengthen the structures of communication, participation and management.

Rationale (Reasons)


We have revised our booklet on structures in a Church that promotes communion. The structures described in that booklet are for the structures at both the diocesan and parish levels. Many of those structures are functioning well and promoting participation and communion. Few of them are weak, for example the Financial Committees. One of the reasons that certain things don’t go well in some parishes and communities is that our structures of participation and communication are not well used. New comers need time and guidance to acquaint themselves with our structures and our spirituality. Lack of communication creates a lot of confusion and problems. Some people do not understand the necessity of a parish newsletter as a means of communication. Sometimes we don’t have people for the structures.


All the necessary structures to serve the unity and life of the People of God are functioning well. The means of communication are functioning well, which encourages the participation of the people. The Diocesan and parishes finance committees are functioning well and promote self-reliance. The people see the importance of the structures for the good running of the diocese and parishes.

  • From lack of communication in the Parishes and between Diocesan Services and Parishes to improved communication.
  • From people being busy with their own things only to people giving time for meetings, for proposals and decision making and implementation.
  • From just being aware of non-functional structures to making efforts to revive and strengthen them.
  • From accepting non-functioning finance committees in some Parishes to find ways or people to help us to make the finance committee function well.